Welcome to my site, Danzante Photography LLC.
I am a reporter and photographer based in the Twin Cities. The name of my company comes from two of my passions. Danzante means dancing in Spanish, and it reflects my interest in ballroom dancing and other forms of body communication. Danzan Ryu is a style of jujutsu that I've studied for more than 40 years. In Japanese, it means Cedar Mountain style and describes the Hawaiian Islands, where it was founded by Okazaki Seishiro Seishiro (aka Henry Okazaki). Te means hand, or technique, depending on the character. Hence, Danzante reflects my interests in dance, martial arts and other athletic endeavors. 
I enjoy making making evocative portraits, including character studies, senior portraits and headshots. I also like odd juxtapositions and strong graphic elements.
I hope you enjoy my work. 

I am available by appointment for portraits on location or in studio. I'm willing to travel.
Contact me at 612-655-5020; dan-browning@comcast.net
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